Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall for holding sessions is located in the main building of the Gilgit Baltistan Assembly with a capacity of 33 seats for Assembly members. Additionally, there are 25 seats in the joint Governor’s/Speaker’s Gallery for guests of honor and 25 seats for the top officials of the GB Government. The upper gallery has a capacity of 80 seats for distinguished guests, as well as 25 seats set aside for representatives of the news media.

The new Administration Building of the GB Assembly, inaugurated in 2018 duly accommodates about 20 Senior Officers in separate offices. It contains a Conference Hall for 40 people, a Committee Room for 15 people and a Committee Room for 12.

Gilgit Bastistan Assembly


Media Center

In order to facilitate the journalists, Media Center has been established for coverage of the Assembly proceedings. The journalists have internet access to send and receive emails. Photocopying, printing, and facsimile facility has been made available for the media people.  Live video coverage of the session is available at the Media Center for the media personnel.  Tea and coffee arrangement is provided to journalists during the session.